HP 6632B System Power Supply Repair

Fixing the first of the two ebay specials. This one was probably the easiest of the two repairs, mainly because I purchased it on the hunch that the only reason it didn’t work was that it was a 230v configured unit and was deemed as dead but someone who wasn’t aware of the difference or knew to check.

Now, to the average person the sounds like cheating the seller but it totally isn’t. This is a totally fair purchase. In a lot of cases, as in this one, these instruments are being sold on ebay by an auction buyer who buys up lots of equipment from business going under or government assets being sold off. They get this equipment at great price. After sorting through what is working and not working they pass the buck on to willing ebay buyers willing to purchase a piece of broken, not working or dead equipment in the hopes of fixing it and maybe doubling, tripling, or much more on their investment.

These sellers don’t have the time or the know-how to test or fix this equipment they bought let alone research each piece that is bought to learn how to test and verify all functions. Such is this case, the seller may have realized the unit is 230v input but may have not known or cared to research if the unit is configurable to 120v.



In the end my risk payed off and the power supply was in good working order after reconfiguring the transformer taps. The unit was missing an adjustment knob which i easily replaced with one I had lying around, well, after performing a quick fix to the damaged encoder underneath.



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