Lack of Tronicslab updates

Quite a bit of time has passed since the last post here. The last being posted back in September last year. The main reason behind that was the actual Tronicslab needed up be packed up for moving day at the end of September. Even though moving day came and went and it has now been 9 months since then, Tronicslab has yet to find a new home in the new house and has not been officially unpacked and setup. On top of that I have spent a considerable amount of time fixing up the new place and all that home renovation time-sink stuff.

There are two considerations for the new setup, downstairs in a smaller cramped area. but clean. warm and comfortable. The other is a large spacious area in the garage with lots of workbench space. As good as this sounds, Canadian winters make garage workshops too cold for comfort. I can heat the garage, but it is large and would require a hefty heater for the size of garage (ie. hefty price). Hopefully soon the lab will be set back up so more frequent updates can be posted.

For now, besides this short update, expect a quick review / first look at the MPLAB Xpress Development Board which randomly arrived at my door not too long ago. I can’t recall ever ordering it, so thanks Microchip!!

MPLAB Xpress board MPLAB Xpress logo












This development kit is meant to be used in conjunction with their new cloud-based development IDE, MPLAB Xpress. I don’t know what to expect as I have not used andĀ evaluated either of these products yet, hence the ‘first look’. It is my understanding that the MPLAB Xpress cloud IDE is almost like a ‘lite’ version of the MPLAB X IDE. I have used MPLAB X and am fairly comfortable using it so I feel the same should apply to MPLAB Xpress.

Stay tuned….



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