Multi Chemistry Batt. Charger Pic

Multi Chemistry Batt. Charger

Sprouted from the need to test/verify/charge large amounts of NiMH battery packs. Based on MCP1631HV reference design.

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College Power Supply Upgrade Pic

College Power Supply Upgrade

In my College manufacturing class I built a simple bench power supply. Time to take some of the simple out of it!

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Diving into MPLAB Xpress Pic

Diving into MPLAB Xpress

Having received the MPLAB Xpress development board I decided to test-drive this new cloud-based IDE from Microchip

FM PAR (Personal Audio Recorder) Pic

FM PAR (Personal Audio Recorder)

An ambitious project involving building a portable FM radio with recording functionality equivalent to a PVR/DVR.

DIY CNC Milling Machine Pic

DIY CNC Milling Machine

Series following my progress on my first attempt at building a DIY CNC Milling Machine.

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